My personal Max Workous review:

Vital Stats
Weight: 390 lbs.
Height: 6 foot 4 in.
Goal Weight: 300 lbs. (EXCEEDED!)
Waistline: 39 in.
Goal Waistline: 35 in.

For most of my life I was obese, and I had only recently begun to make a conscious effort about my weight. Growing up, I was always made fun of for being “the new guy”, and then when I kept gaining weight I become known as “the big scary fat guy”. In hindsight, I let it get to me far too much because I wasn’t the only obese kid in my school, but because I had basically no self-confidence at all it affected me on a deeper level than anyone probably realized.

My family was by no means well off. I’d say we were barely scraping by. When I turned 21, the full weight of my burden came crashing down on me when I realized how much my Mama had to work just so she could feed the bottomless pit that I liked to call a stomach. I felt so guilty that I spent the last few dollars I had on gym membership and told myself that I’d at least learn to curb my appetite until I could fully support myself.

Max Workouts Review

My personal trainer, Mike, took one look at me and showed me the Max Workouts Fitness Program. When I told him that I wanted to burn fat, he helped explain the various parts of the book and how they were designed specifically for people like me. I wanted to be healthier, and I wanted to change my lifestyle so I wouldn’t eat so much. It sounds juvenile, but at the end of the day, times are hard and you’ve got to do whatever it takes to get by.

You may think it was a stupid decision on my part to spend hard-earned money on a non-necessity like gym membership when we had other bills to pay, but I saw this as a guarantee that I would have to stay committed lest that money go to waste. It was so hard for me to eat less, let alone workout when I used to hate working out. My only motivation was my mom; otherwise I would have given up within the first 15 minutes. My lungs screamed in protest at what was the hardest workout I’ve ever had in my life. I found myself struggling more with the cardio training because my knees were getting bad from supporting my weight, so I wasn’t too keen on this part of the program. I knew it was necessary, so I forged on.

I only purchased the Basic package, so I didn’t have the convenience of watching videos, but it was more than enough for beginners like me. I soaked up all the information like a sponge, and I probably spent more time on the Max Workouts forum communicating with the other members, than I did working out.

It took me around 100 days to finish the 90-day program the first time around. I can honestly say that it has changed my life. I’m now a whopping 150 pounds lighter than I was before the program, putting me at 240 pounds. This is after 2 and a half years of Max Workouts kicking my butt into shape. It changed my life. I’m sure it will change yours too.

This was my personal Max Workouts review. If you want to get an idea of the program and see if it work for yourself, start by reading his free pdf here. It’s free and have a lot of great info.